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Inspiring Children to Read, Be Active and Play Outdoors

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The X-tails Difference

Values and Role Models

All of our books have a positive theme that we sneak into every adventure.

Our ski book stars the character, Rhumba, who is in a wheelchair and skis in a sit-ski. The message in this book is inclusion and at the end of the story, the X-tails realize that Rhumba doesn’t have disability; she has different abilities than them.

Physical Activity and Playing Outdoors

We inspire children to be active and play outside.

The X-tails focus on safety and always wear helmets.

Extreme Entertainment and Engagement

Our books are packed with action and the colourful illustrations keep kids interested.

Many parents have thanked us for writing the X-tails, especially those who have reluctant readers.

Fresh and Modern

These books offer something new for children. Teachers love how our books relate to today's kids and fit in with the current curriculum.

The sports in our books are becoming more popular. In the 2020 Summer Olympics, you’ll see the debut of skateboarding, surfing and BMX freestyle.

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Author Visits, Fundraising and More

Author Visits

Have L.A. Fielding visit your school!

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Raise more money and help kids become better readers!

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Giving Back

We donate 50% of all royalties from each purchase of The X-tails Ski at Spider Ridge!

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Want to win free X-tails books and swag? Check out our colouring contest.

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The X-Tails books are colourful and action-packed and teach valuable lessons about friendship, good sportsmanship, perseverance and doing one’s best.  Our copies are constantly in circulation.

Maria Weisgarber, Teacher-Librarian

My whole family loves these books! We have a huge variety of them. Creative and fun!

Mandy Paavola Mua

My 10 year old has never really liked to read. His nightly homework of 20-30 minutes of reading wasn’t much fun until we discovered the X-tails! (Thanks to his librarian at school, Mr. K)  Now we find him curled up reading and he’s even requesting more X-tails on his Christmas list.

Tracie Mayert

My grade 2/3 class loves these books!! All of the X-tails books have a great moral behind them like including others, keeping the earth clean and standing up to bullying. The pictures are very colourful and the characters each have their own personalities, which kids can relate to.

Amazon customer

Awesome books! Kids love this series! Each book is full of colorful and imaginative characters that set a great example. As a parent, what appeals to me the most is that there are always lessons to be learned and a moral shared. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Karin Leggatt

I have been reading his books to my own children since the release of his first book and we have loved the characters and the lessons behind each story. Creative characters and great moral lessons make the X-tails world one that I would encourage any student to enter!

Jana-Rae Kadonaga, Intermediate Online Teacher
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How the X-tails Began….

We made this video way back. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. The X-tails have grown so much!

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